Lighting Cleaning & Lighting Maintenance

Clean and well maintained lighting significantly improves the working atmosphere.

Between 40% and 70% of lighting energy is lost through poorly maintained lighting.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of all light fixtures and fittings offers you a brighter working environment.

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Our comprehensive flexible lighting maintenance and lighting cleaning service enables businesses to continue with minimal or no disruption. We have great experience in working with building contractors and ceiling Installers where the lighting has been contaminated, particularly after office refurbishment work.

Ultrasonic light cleaning and lighting maintenance restores lighting to its designed level at a fraction of the cost of replacement fittings, allowing contractors more flexibility and new options in pricing office refurbishment work.

The full range of our light cleaning and lighting maintenance services includes removal, cleaning, storage and re-fitting. Planned Lighting Maintenance schedules as part of your building maintenance plans can also be arranged, keeping lighting at optimum levels all year round.